Summer Decorating Ideas for an Apartment Patio: A Romantic Tuscan Garden

Tuscan Garden

Imagine yourself sitting in a romantic Mediterranean-style garden filled with lush growing herbs and delicate flowers. The warm night air brushes your skin with a delightful mixture of exotic fragrances. The casual, yet beautiful, setting puts your mind at ease and allows your body to rest after a long day at work. Now imagine that this sensuous place was situated right outside your apartment door.  Tuscan gardens are named after the region in Italy called Tuscany. Tuscany is well known for its rich agriculture, rustic cooking and its Chianti wine district. It is home to the romantic cities of Florence and Pisa. Your own Tuscan garden should reflect that and contain lush foliage, herbs and flowers.

Decorative Concrete Ideas

Stamped Concrete

Most of the decorative concrete ideas that you’ll see these days are extremely creative and innovative. And as more and more contractors and designers explore new ways to turn lifeless concrete into works of art, the techniques for decorating it become much easier and accessible to the do it yourself and homeowner.

Fun Floral Picture Frame

floral picture frame

Using only 2 easy steps you can create a distinctive and personalized picture frame for yourself, family, and friends. This craft is so inexpensive and fun to make you’ll find your self snapping pictures just so you can make more frames!

Plants That Keep Giving

Florists Cineraria

Flowers and plants are always welcome as gifts, but no time is better than the Christmas and Winter Holidays. Plants can so liven up a room…and what better gift can you give than something that inspires happiness and peace?

Choosing the Perfect Market Umbrella

Market Umbrella

Whether you want a classy, sophisticated, or even a fun look, a market umbrella can be a great addition to practically any indoor or outdoor space. You can use a market umbrella outdoors to provide extra shade, comfort, and style or use indoors as an unconventional accent piece.  The versatility of a market umbrella makes it one of the most popular styles of umbrellas available today. People all over the world have discovered the practicality, functionality, and style of  patio market umbrellas, using them in their homes, yards, and even businesses.